Computer systems and software



What exactly dchapter4-8001-250x250o computer system or software do to an organization? They are proven to majorly improve efficiency but for the effective part the human interaction with the system is what i can say facilitate the effectiveness of the computer system.So the major feature that computers software or system should have is to be able to improve the efficiency of the organizations activities

What you need to know about Digital Migration

As Digital migration hits the country don’t rush for cheap.her is what you need to know.First of all you need to know that there are two types of set top boxes.

  1. Free to AIR free to air set top boxes (FTA) describes set top boxes (decoders) that do not require any subscriptions.Allowing any person with the appropriate receiving equipment to receive the digital signal and view or listen to the content without requiring other ongoing cost or one -off fee.
  2. Pay TV.Pay TV set top boxes give you access to television content after payment of subscription or a monthly fee
    look on values lets take a look at the current setups This is what most Kenyans know of .Compiled From Digital Kenya
    Here is a list of all approved DVB-T2 Set Top Boxes in Kenya
    Now lets take a look at common Digital TV providers.Whether you want to watch soap operas. Football or wrestling or just news like most of Kenyan forks. It is crucial you identify why ,what and how you want to embrace digital TV. I would say look for a service that you will not regret or want to sell your decoder in a months time because you bored with the service you get.It is now part of us and we can’t run away from it. Just like you pay your water and electricity we must embrace this change to that capacity, otherwise we will get free or 149 and have a screen with nothing of worth .All in all the choice is yours
    Some of service providers with there list bundles are
    DSTV Ksh 900 46 channel…
    2. Go TV ksh 599 37+ channels
    3.StarTimes ksh 149 8+ channels
    4.Bamba Ksh 0 50+ channels
    5.Zuku. ksh 899 53 channels