Information System Auditing is very crucial for every commercial systems that drive the progress and growth of organization.

Today there are a lot of systems incorporated to every daily business activity. Being able to ascertain, track and examine the outcome of every process in the system can help an organization to plan and strategies for the future.

System Auditing is required to ensure that mission critical systems are designed and maintained with confidentiality, integrity, and achieve quality and intended goal without allowing any discrepancy in the process.


Ardech Technologies are committed to perform comprehensive analysis of a given system by evaluating the components of the system and performing tests in several areas which include:

  1. Application security controls
  2. Business Process
  3. System Architecture
  4. Authentication and Authorization mechanisms
  5. Network controls
  6. Database access controls
  7. Logging and auditing systems and processes
  8. System support procedures
  9. Anti-virus/Anti-malware controls

Backup/Restore procedures